Hi, I'm Kathy.

I'm a product designer, passionate about creating inclusive, accessible, and meaningful experiences.

A picture of a project called 'Agent OS (Spectrum)'
Agent OS (Spectrum)

Redesigning the customer service experience for agents working at Charter Communications (Spectrum).

A picture of the project 'OnCampus'

Unifying various services at the university for the first year student experience

A picture of the project 'Nibble'
Nibble Productivity App

Helping students  become more productive with the guidance of a digital pet.

Relevant Samples

A brochure-style page design with a camera.A design with mobile screens of a custom music playerAn infographic showing the impact of melting level on height for a scientific paper.A print spread of the CU Swing Club design system.A logo design with a company called 'Starflower' (prompt exercise)A pair of mobile screens with yarn and thimble as a success and error message.
Designed by Kathy ❤