Hi, I'm Kathy.

I'm a product designer and my pronouns are she/they.

I am a recent graduate from University of Colorado at Boulder, with a degree in Technology, Arts, and Media (now called Creative Technologies). I was raised in Denver and am currently living in Boulder, CO. As a product designer, I'm passionate about creating a meaningful user experience. I want to solve problems, and make sure that whatever I'm working on is inclusive, accessible, and functional.

Outside of design, you'll find me doing a variety of hobbies, including swing dancing, crochet/knitting, gaming, and cooking! From competing in swing dancing competitions, to hand rolling my own boba, to baking sourdough, I'm constantly trying out new experiences.

I am always looking for opportunities to improve and challenge myself. Feel free to email me at info@kathy-nguyen.com (or other social media platforms!) if you'd like to talk about my work, or just chat.
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